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Learning Guitar is Easy Just Get Started

Posted by aguitarlesson on 13th August 2009 in Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar

By Bruce Lamb

If you want to learn to play guitar there is nothing holding you back and all the information you need for learning guitar is out there and can be found by using the internet. If you want to learn blues guitar, rock guitar, country western guitar, Fingerstyle guitar, flat picking guitar, or Hawaiian Slack Key, you just have to get started. The key to learning guitar is practice, practice and more practice learning guitar is different from learning to play a violin or a trumpet. If you want to learn to play guitar you have to make a personal commitment.

My theory of learning to play guitar is try and pick a guitar that sounds great to begin with. This unfortunately means a guitar that cost more. If you strum several guitars in a guitar shop find the one that sounds best to you. Try and find a guitar that has great action. What this means is that the strings are close to the frets which are the little metal bars that go across the neck of the guitar. If you have great action or strings that are close to the neck you won’t have to push very hard to make a solid sound with out squeaks. .

Many people start out with a nylon stringed guitar. These types of guitars are primarily used to play classical music. Which is usually played using just your fingers and not using a guitar pick. This is called finger style guitar playing. The thing about using a classical style guitar is the neck of these type of guitars are quite thick across and the strings are spaced further apart to accommodate the rapid finger style of playing.

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