Broken Guitars Airlines verses UPS and FedX

Posted by aguitarlesson on 30th July 2009 in Flying with Guitars, best Travel Cases Click Here

By Bruce Lamb


As the inventor of CaseXtreme I have to speak up and say this about shipping your guitar rather than checking it as luggage on airlines. Packing it well and checking it as luggage  is much better than shipping your guitar with a common carrier.  Shippers like UPS; Fed-X etc. Also use Airplanes hello! And they have many more people in involved with the moving of your instrument.


 A driver picks it up and throws it in his truck. When it arrives to its home base location it is then off loaded by hand and tossed into a sorting bin then either thrown onto another smaller truck for delivery in town or onto a larger truck which takes it to their airport location and then  the process starts all over again. When it finally arrives to your location it could have been in several different trucks and planes and thrown onto many more conveyers belts and has a far greater chance of damage.


 A good travel case is the key.  Weight is the enemy no matter how good the case is the heaver it is the harder it falls. The inside of your case must have a lot of padding to absorb the shock and protect your guitar from the sides of your case.  Most guitar cases only have a ½ inch of low grade foam padding. If you have a guitar case, try this. Feel how dense the foam is by pinching it with your fingers and thumb. If it crushes easily it’s not really doing much good to protect your valuable guitar.

 Some guitar cases appear to have thick padding but it may only be thick fuzzy velour that makes it look and feel cushy. High grade foam is expensive and most guitar case builder just don’t use it. Add more padding to your case if you can get it in. Especially around the head stock and over the bridge. Pack your case in a strong box surrounded by foam or anything that will protect it from shock. Try to place the packing material around the out side edge of your case so it will have more room for the case to sort of float inside the center of the packing box. This way if a few hundred pounds of luggage is stacked on top of your guitar it won’t crush the sides of your case and push in the top and hit the bridge.


 Now if you really want to save time instead of packing up your guitar and buying new foam and Styrofoam peanuts try looking at this web site. These cases are very affordable, well under the $300 dollar range, and they are the lightest weight flight cases available.   


 For more information on packing and how to prevent damage to your case see the video demonstrations. I even throw a beautiful brazillion rose wood acoustic guitar in the Clam CaseXtreme case off the roof onto concrete to prove that these are the best cases for protecting your guitars. I invented this case to be used by the airlines. After hours and hours of trying to find anyone who could point me to the right person in the airlines to present my guitar flight case to was impossible. No one knew who I should talk to.  


  My idea was for the airlines to lease these from me, for lets say $40 dollars a month, and then they could rent them to their customers for $40 dollars a flight. Most people don’t travel enough to really need a flight case, although mine are quite resoable in price i believe many people would love to know that their guitar would be safe on board of any airline and would gladly pay the $40.  and

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